Herbs and Minerals


Quite a number of years ago, I decided one of my goals would be to make the diet and skincare of our family more healthy.  Through research, I became aware of some of the harmful ingredients used in common skincare products. Understanding that your skin is your largest organ, I realized the importance of nourishing and knowing what you put on your skin. I started to select skin and hair products much more carefully, and learned to read and understand the ingredients on the label.

In 2017 I enrolled in a two year Aromatherapy course to learn how to use essential oils therapeutically, holistically and safely. I also learned about lipid oils, hydrosols, clays, muds, salts, and all of the healthy benefits they can offer.

I then discovered my true passion - wild plants and herbs. This is the heart and origin of traditional medicine. I am currently taking courses and studying to become a Practical Herbalist. I’ve learned to make skincare, healing salves, herbal infusions, mixed teas, smoothie greens, and so much more! My husband Geoff became very interested as well. Together we ethically forage for wild herbs and plants on our quarter of land in the Boreal Forest in North-Central Saskatchewan. Everything we pick is organic or wildcrafted. I now combine all of the above and create!

The plants, oils, salts, and clays all come together in my pursuit. It is my passion and I'm in my happy place when deriving healthy products from natural sources. As such, I refuse to incorporate any fragrances, or unhealthy ingredients into my products. 

I am very excited to provide these products to anyone who would like to experience natural skin care and wild herbs. Most of my plants, essential oils, lipid oils, and hydrosols are organic and from this point on I seek to secure only organic and wildcrafted ingredients. 

Healthy, organic, natural.


See what I have. All feedback is welcome.


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