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Hey there and welcome to my website! I'm Heidi and I'm very happy you're here. I hope you enjoy all I have to offer. I'm a wife, mother, and lover of nature and all things plants! I’m a Practical Herbalist and am currently working towards becoming a Certified Holistic Nutritionist.

I’m passionate about herbal medicine, clean eating, and clean skincare. I believe my path of nutrition and love of the wild was ingrained in me at a young age by my Grandmother. She would show me wild plants, flowers, and mushrooms and taught me that so much of what grows around us in the wild is nutritious food.


I've always had a love for the forest and over the years my husband and I have learned to identify and ethically forage for many different nutrient dense plants. Our favorite place is our quarter section of land in Northern Saskatchewan where we love to wildcraft many plants, flowers and mushrooms. The abundance of nutritional wild foods we have within our reach is simply amazing. I encourage you to go out and see for yourself!

If you take a wander through my website, you’ll see wildcrafted Prairie Apothecary products which I’ve created myself, as well my nutritional, medicinal tea blends. I also share information on Food Sensitivity Testing and how one simple test can help identify which foods may be causing adverse reactions in your body.  Finally, you'll also see course information and quizzes which have helped me as a creator to understand the technical aspects of website design and development. I don't know where I'd be without it!

I’m not entirely sure where this path of Herbal Medicine and Holistic Nutrition will take me - but right now I’m not looking too far ahead. I’m doing things one step at a time and loving every minute of it! Right now my intention is to offer herbal and nutritional information and recipes, supplement recommendations, food sensitivity information, as well as my own handcrafted herbal tea blends and skincare products.


I hope you find something that interests you. I love to share with others the healing path I've personally been on. I'm fascinated by the incredible healing power of nature’s plant medicine, holistic nutrition, and natural skincare for the benefit of body, mind and spirit.

​Take a look at all I have - all feedback is welcome.

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