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Updated: Mar 21, 2021

I’ve been staring at this blog for a while now...too shy to start writing.  It’s certainly not because I have nothing to say, but I think I’ll start here...

When I look at my website and think about all of my products and their wee beginnings, I wonder where it all started? I believe it goes back to Dreamland.  

I am a huge fan of sleep. I’ve realized over my years of doing shift work, that if you can’t get your sleep figured out, you’re in big trouble. I once heard a sleep expert say - “the quickest way to insanity is insomnia”. I really believe there is some truth to this.  

I was always a great sleeper, but about 6 or 7 years ago I went through a time where I stopped sleeping. Literally. We were on summer holidays, camping, and I could not for the life of me fall asleep. I would lie awake till 4 in the morning and then finally pass out for a couple of hours from pure exhaustion. 

This went on for months. I was back and forth to my doctor trying to figure it out. I received prescription sleep aids from him which I knew were habit-forming, but I used them anyway.  They didn’t work. I tried natural remedies, Melatonin, triptophan, magnesium, hot milk, sleep tea blends, specific natural foods, chiropractor and acupuncture treatments - you name it. Still no luck. I remember being in tears many days over my lack of being able to fall asleep. I remember saying to my husband Geoff, “What if I never sleep again? His response was “You don’t even realize how hysterical you sound”. (The insanity comment!)

Finally, about seven months later things levelled out and I was able to sleep again. I somehow became interested in essential oils and started to research them. I discovered a combination that seems to work like a charm for me and many others. Dreamland was born! My husband and I use it every night. We mist ourselves and our bed. We’ve been using it for years and I still use it now during the day if I need to lay down and nap for night shift. It works like a charm.

Try it for yourself - you might be surprised...

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